The Top 5 Free E-Commerce Templates in Canada

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Are you in the process of building an e-commerce website? Establishing a great website that attracts potential customers is not always a simple thing. You need to consider several aspects. One of these elements is the template you use. The theme of your website is the overall tone that helps your target audience to know what you are selling even before they navigate through the site.

However, website building requires considerable investment. You have to get a reliable host, a wooing domain name, and probably hire an expert to design your site. As such, saving cash for purchasing a website theme may be a hard tackle. If you are in this situation, don’t worry. Here are the top 5 free e-commerce templates in Canada that will make your online business website a magnet:

Brooklyn theme

Are you looking on to host your online store with Shopify? If so, you do not have to dig deeper in your pocket. Brooklyn is one of the leading free templates suitable for Canadian e-commerce websites. This theme aims to meet the needs of modern stores. It comes with a wooing homepage that allows you to upload a video. Also, it has a slideshow header that you can use to display your product images.

Also, you do not have to mind about how you will lay out your products. The free e-commerce template has automated product layout that configures with the number of products you want to display. Another awesome aspect of Brooklyn theme is that it has a slide-out cart. This cart allows your clients to shop without having to leave the current page. Do not wait any longer and give it a try, all you need to do to learn more is to click here.

Narrative theme

So, you didn’t like the Brooklyn theme? As you know, the above theme may not be your preference. Thus, you need something great and awesome. If that is you, the Narrative theme is the next free e-commerce template in Canada. The theme is also from Shopify. As the name suggests, the Narrative template is suitable for people in love with storytelling. The theme is designed to enable you to share the story of your brands and product smoothly and concisely. Also, this template comes with three styles which are light, warm, and cold.

However, Narrative is suitable for single product stores or those with few products. Hence, if you are offering a variety of products and brands, this is not your choice. Other elements that you will enjoy from this template are fixed navigation, hero video, wide layout, and vertical slideshow.

Cornerstone Theme

This free e-commerce website template is a product of BigCommerce. As you may be aware, BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform that is almost in the same league with Shopify. Hence, you do not have any doubt that your site will attract customers. Cornerstone theme comes in three styles Light, Bold and Warm. It is highly responsive to different PC and mobile device screens. Also, the template is fit for business dealing with a wide range of products and brands. For those in love with colors, Cornerstone allows you to customize your website colors and fonts according to your preferences.

Fortune Theme

If none of the above free e-commerce template is fit for your Canadian audience, you need to go for the Fortune theme. The template has the power to attract customers due to its ability to present a full display of the images. Also, it has a unique product grid that enhances easy navigation. If you are small or a medium online entrepreneur, this theme is your match. Also, you have a freedom to choose between the four styles which are contrast, bright, minimal, and highlight.

With these free e-commerce templates available in Canada, you do not have reason to have blurred site. Now the ball is in your court.

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