Sell with Facebook and Grow Your Shopify Sales: 5 Dynamic Ad Strategies to Try

As a Shopify business owner, you spend time and money on search engine marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and etc.

The best Shopify marketing strategies are multi-channel. So, have you ever considered including Facebook dynamic product ads in your Shopify strategy?

In this article, we will discuss Facebook ads and how they can help you sell with Facebook and grow your Shopify sales. Read more

The Importance of Facebook Display Ads

Facebook display ads have become one of the most important strategies. Not only they are highly effective but they don’t require too much involvement. You can set them up with a high degree of automation which does most of the work for you.


Today, social media is where people spend most of their free time. Facebook is considered to be one of the most popular platforms so if you want to grow your sales, this is where you need to start.


Shopify advises the use of Facebook ads in what it calls the scaling or efficiency stages of business ownership.

When you are trying to expand your business you need to acquiring more customers and not getting random people to use your brand.


You initially scale your store through advertising campaigns and later when you discover the most effective channels, you start to invest more in the campaigns.


Failure to capture the right timing for using Shopify Facebook advertising campaigns is something that store owners are not getting a great result from this strategy. The problem is usually that business owners try to sell the customer too early in the process – when they are simply not ready to purchase.

How to Set Up Shopify Facebook Ad Campaign Right?

The following tips will help you set up Facebook dynamic ads so that you can get the results you want:

1.Focus on The Important Metrics

Metrics are key to marketing strategies – they can help you generate a good ROI so you must know what you are measuring from the very beginning.


Any campaign that doesn’t measure leads, sales or conversions is going to have a lot of unanswered questions.


It is important to get clear on your metrics from the start. That’s way you’ll be able to measure and edit campaigns quickly, before spending all of your money.


Marketing campaigns combine sales and marketing aspects – you should be looking to track:


The Importance of Facebook Display Ads

Click-Through Rate (CTR):

If you have plenty of impressions but low click-through-rate, it means your ad is not working right in terms of design and it is targeting the wrong people.

Cost Per Click (CPC):

Do you know how much is each click costing you? This usually depends on your target group. It is important to know your CPC cost as it will affect your buyer acquisition cost.

Conversion Rate:

This is a very important metric. Facebook ads generate a lot of money if you get them right. Each campaign will be different so learn from what worked best and what didn’t.


Low impression numbers mean that a small percentage of people are seeing your ads. It is time to increase your target market.

Bounce Rate:

If people are seeing your ads but they don’t take action, you need work on aligning the ad and encourage people to check your product page and hopefully purchase something.

2.Set Up Everything for Creating Dynamic Ad Campaigns

Before you start creating ads from your Shopify store, Facebook requires to do the following things:
  • Create your own Facebook page
  • Open a Facebook Business Manager account
  • Create a Facebook Ad account with your credit card connected
  • Create a Facebook pixel (a code you place on your online store or website. Facebook Pixel helps you optimize your campaigns, track conversions, remarket the leads, and more).

Installing the Facebook pixel on your Shopify store is also important. Copy and paste the Pixel ID to the form filed in Preferences in your Shopify Store.


You need to create a product catalog. Go to Facebook Business Manager > Menu > Catalogs. Follow the instructions provided.


Use the Product Feed App from Flexify to create your product feed. The app is easy to use and works well for small Shopify stores.


How to Set Up Shopify Facebook Ad Campaign Right?

You are now ready to start creating dynamic ads.

3. Set Up Dynamic Ads Based on Event Triggers

Your goal is to target people who are familiar with your store and who have a desire for your products.


You need to base your ads on specific actions that buyers take on the website. When a customer view content, add an item to the shopping cart or makes a purchase, you need to present an ad that is triggered by the action.


You will need to track when people take these actions. Past the DPA tracking code in the Shopify code files and trigger the right ads.


By doing so, your ads are shaped properly to shopper behavior – highly targeted and likely to result in conversions.

4. Prepare Retargeting Campaigns for Previous Potential Buyers

Facebook ads are great for retargeting customers who have already shown an interest in your brand but haven’t converted that interest into a sale.

Even though your customer’s journey may not be simple but retargeting ads can help for sure.

Facebook pixel tracking data has made it possible. It allows you to get specific with your targeting.

Retargeting with personalized ads is an opportunity not to be missed by Shopify website owners.

5. Optimize Your Ads

To start enjoying the results that dynamic Facebook ads can bring, optimize your ads like you optimize ecommerce marketing strategies.

  • Separate Add to Cart and View Behavior (create ads for both groups)
  • Don’t disturb people with your ads
  • Spend time on refreshing your ads (add new content, a few emojis, a significant event)

Sell with Facebook: Final Words

There you go – five tips that can help you boost your Shopify sales and bring more customers to your store.

One of the great things about Facebook ads is the ability to automate the process. You can do the work and target your group, sit back, and enjoy the extra revenues.

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