The best free online store builder

The best free online store builder

Business people love the Internet because they can get free stuff online. This helps them build and run their business without investing too much money. Yet, the results can be much better compared to classic, brick and mortar businesses. There are a few ways to start doing business on the Internet, but creating a website is the most used one. This is logical because having a website is the best way to get the most from every business venture. But, in order to start managing a website, you have to build one first. This is where free online store builder options come into play.

While it’s true that there are some paid options, it would be reckless to use them without trying free online store builders. Here’s a short list of some good options.


Jimdo is actually a web hosting service, but they also provide a free online store builder too. This is a simple, yet effective drag and drop platform that literally any Internet user can use. Of course, if you have more knowledge you will get a chance to modify the CSS, HTML and JavaScript codes. This platform is offering many widgets, plugins, and other helpful elements. After all, that’s why over 20 million people are using Jimdo.


This is a specialized business website builder that you can use for free. Moonfruit is a UK-based builder that has more than five million users. Once again, we are talking about a simple drag and drop builder. With a user-friendly interface, many templates and intuitive buttons, this online store builder will help you create a memorable store in no time.


You can rarely find so many premium features and options in a free online store builder. This website is offering an interface and concept that even non-tech savvy people can understand in minutes. This builder also comes with excellent customer support and a good web hosting option. Despite the fact that we are talking about a free builder, Webnode doesn’t come with any annoying ads. It’s also good to know that this builder provides support in over 20 languages.


Every year, people are spending millions of dollars on Magento-powered online stores. This eCommerce platform and website builder has a paid and a community edition. The latter allows small business owners to create decent online stores with all the features that modern customers expect to see in an online store.

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